The historical Gotland (nowadays Kotland) manor mansion is situated 29,5 km from Kuressaare, in the village of Kotland. The freshly-renovated authentic manor mansion built in 1844 welcomes you with its unique thatched roof – the only one of its kind in Estonia. In the heart of the mansion there stands a magnificent mantle chimney with a foundation built during the Great Northern War. Today it serves as a stylish and original kitchen.

The renovated Kotland manor mansion has been tastefully turned into a family-friendly holiday home with all the modern amenities while still boasting the well-preserved historical interior. The manor can easily accommodate three families with its seven bedrooms (16 bed spaces together with extra beds), three bathrooms, a mantle chimney/kitchen, a common room and a veranda/dining room. The Kotland manor is a 10-minute bike ride away from one of the most beautiful sand beaches in Western Saaremaa – Pihla beach, situated between the Kotland and Koki villages.

  • 7 bedrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor
  • 14 bed slaces (5 double beds, 4 single beds, 3 extra sleeping places)
  • 3 bathrooms, 4 toilets
  • 2 old fireplaces/furnaces and authentic manor furniturefully-equipped mantle chimney/kitchen (wine cabinet, refrigerator with an ice machine, electric and gas cookers, dish washer, coffee machine, etc.)
  • veranda/dining room
  • common room with a TV
  • play area, toy box, children’s potty, high chairs
  • garden/park surrounded by a big stone wall, terrace with outdoor furniture, sandbox for children
  • igloo sauna for the summer, a pond in the garden
  • sauna house
  • outbuilding with a possibility for grilling, outdoor furniture and a pavilion
  • bicycles
  • bed linen, towels, washing machine, tumble dryer
  • TV,
  • security system
  • WiFi + excellent 3G/4G coverage
  • heating and hot water – geothermal heating in clay plastered walls (green and health-friendly)

The Kotland manor holiday home is situated 29,5 km from Kuressaare, in Lümanda parish, on the 1st km of the Koki-Kotlandi road. The closest shops are located 8 km away in Lümanda and 12 km away in Salme. The nearest restaurants can be found in Kipi-Koovi (6 km) and in Lümanda (8 km). In the summer, there are 5 restaurants in the 10 km radius including the famous Lümanda diner and the farm restaurants in Koki-Koovi and Pidula. 3.5 km away from the manor, there is an excellent spot for swimming – one of the most beautiful sand beaches in Western Saaremaa, Pihla beach.

Depending on the season, in the 10 km radius one can try a multitude of excellent leisure activities such as horseback riding; off-road safari; launch trips; sea kayaking; archery; snorkelling; diving; motocross; hunting tourism; nature trails; berry and mushroom picking; bird, seal and butterfly watching; and fishing.

The local area has a long history. The historical name of the manor and the seaside village – Gotland – suggests the presence of Swedish medieval settlement (people migrated from the Gotland island) in Western Saaremaa and in Sõrve peninsula.

The Gotland manor was founded in 1716 on the periphery of Lümanda and Lõmala manors between the forests of Sutru and the seaside Gotland. It used to have a neighbouring manor called Melguni (Mälgu).

The manor and the park are surrounded by a mossy stone wall, which is lined with ancient primeval linden trees, oaks, birches, maples and ashes. Your privacy is ensured with a large courtyard dotted with apple trees and secured with a separate entry and two parking lots.

The oldest parts of the holiday home are the walls of the mantle chimney that was originally built in 1716 as part of a baroque Old Baltic type mansion. The walls were the only things preserved in the building process of the new classicist manor house with a thatched roof (work was finished in 1844). With its meticulous attention to detail and in a practically unaltered state, the classicist manor mansion with an enfilade structure is subject to heritage conservation as a valuable architectural monument.

The manor mansion was restored in 2013-2014, and it has been turned into a holiday home that uses geothermal energy to operate a wall heating system. Ground heating ensures that every room is comfortably warm at all times throughout the year. You will only need to carry firewood for the sauna and the two fireplaces in the manor, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere.

Holiday-makers have the whole house with its two floors for themselves. On the 1st floor there are 3 bedrooms and one summer bedroom. Additionally, on the second floor there are two extra big bedrooms. The rooms at the holiday home can be divided between three families so that each family has their own bathroom/toilet and two separate bedrooms with a connecting door for adults and children.

In the old mantle chimney on the first floor there is a spacious kitchen with everything you need: dishes, coffee machine, cooker, refrigerator with an ice machine, dish washer, wine cabinet. The kitchen is in turn connected to the dining room/veranda, the common room with a TV and the hallway. Adjacent to the veranda, there is a spacious and bright terrace with summer furniture that can be used as a pleasant corner for sitting and enjoying a romantic dinner while looking at the sunset.

The bedrooms on the 1st floor boast fireplaces/furnaces that fill the room with warmth and the comforting sound of crackling fire.

There are two bedrooms and a bathroom on the 2nd floor.

Visitors can use bicycles for shorter day trips.

1 night (max 14 people) 600 €
2 nights (max 14 people) 600 € 300 € per night
3 nights (max 14 people) 900€ 300€ per night
4 nights(max 14 people) 1000 € 250€ per night
5 nights (max 14 people) 1250 € 250€ per night
6 nights (max 14 people) 1500 € 250 € per night (17,85€ one people)
7nights (max 14 people) 1600 €


  • pets are not allowed
  • prepayment 50%
  • The price includes bed linen, towels, firewood for the sauna.

Holiday house keeps the right to change the prices.


  • Adults: 12
  • Size: 222m²
  • Bed Type: 4 Double Beds, 4 Single Beds, 4 Extra Beds

Prices start at: 600 per night


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