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welcometoestoniaPerfect holiday homes in the West-Saaremaa

We are located in one of the most interesting places in Estonia- in the middle of Vilsandi National Park. It’s a perfect place for enjoying wild nature, hiking, photo hunting, fishing and peaceful atmosphere with the cleanest air in the world. The historical atmosphere of Saaremaa that is preserved here can be felt at every step. You can see old stone fences, traditional farm houses, old mills and a lot more. Saaremaa has retained its uniqueness due to its location and isolation.

Our aim is to give you a memorable vacation in the middle of beautiful nature and genuine Saaremaa in modern holiday houses. In all of them we have authentic traditional Estonian wood heated saunas, bed linen and towels. For us it is essential that everyone staying here feels wonderful and welcomed … not just in the holiday houses but also in the local community.

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You can watch this video to get an insight about the beautiful Saaremaa: The Estonian Island of Saaremaa

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Villa Mia

Villa Mia

Western Saaremaa Karala village located in a restored log house. Right next to the sea you are welcomed by our two-storied comfort home where there is a  sauna and pond. The holiday home is suitable for up to four families, or 11-membered group.

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Kotland manor

Kotlandi manor

The historical Gotland (nowadays Kotland) manor mansion is situated 29,5 km from Kuressaare, in the village of Kotland. The freshly-renovated authentic manor mansion built in 1844 welcomes you with its unique thatched roof – the only one of its kind in Estonia. In the heart of the mansion there stands a magnificent mantle chimney with a foundation built during the Great Northern War. Today it serves as a stylish and original kitchen.

The renovated Kotland manor mansion has been tastefully turned into a family-friendly holiday home with all the modern amenities while still boasting the well-preserved historical interior. The manor can easily accommodate three families with its seven bedrooms (16 bed spaces together with extra beds), three bathrooms, a mantle chimney/kitchen, a common room and a veranda/dining room. The Kotland manor is a 10-minute bike ride away from one of the most beautiful sand beaches in Western Saaremaa – Pihla beach, situated between the Kotland and Koki villages.

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Õnneoru rest house

Õnneoru rest house

Western Saaremaa Kuusnõmme Õnneoru village located in a truly private holiday home. Right next to the pine forest you are welcomed by our two-storied comfort home where there is a small SPA with its Jacuzzi, sauna and hot tub. The holiday home is suitable for up to three families, or 8-membered group (including five additional beds if necessary).

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Koki- Reediku rest house

Koki-Reediku rest house


Koki-Reediku,  a spacious and fully renovated farmhouse dating back to the 19th century,  is located in Western Saaremaa at  Koki village. Kuressaare is 33 km from here, half an hour by car. The house has four bedrooms  with nine beds, a spacious hall and a large fully equipped kitchen. The complex includes a private lake in which guests can swim, use a boat, or enjoy skating in the winter.  A wood-fired sauna and hot-tub with hydromassage are serious spa attractions.

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Sinilille rest house

Sinilille accommodation

Sinilille rest house located in southern Saaremaa at Kuressaare city. The house has four bedrooms. The holiday home is suitable for up to four families, or 8-membered group (including 4 additional beds if necessary). Featuring a large garden, Sinilille 7 Holiday Home offers air-conditioned accommodation with sauna and a terrace with barbecue facilities. Our holiday home is set in a quiet and nice area of Kuressaare town, away from the traffic and bustle of inner town, but still close enough for easy access to shops and tourist attractions.

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Rootsimaa rest house

Laadla rest house

Rootsimaa rest house is located in Torgu rural municipality on Sõrve peninsula which is one of the sunniest places in Estonia.

Laadla village is a very attractive place among the tourists, holidaymakers and local citizens which has a lot of visitors and by-passers during summer period. The whole Sõrve peninsula is historically exciting and attractive area for the tourists.

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Summer house

Suvemaja has central heating; there are 2 bedrooms with a total of 8 beds (1xdouble beds, 6x twin beds). On the ground floor, you will find a kitchen that is adjoined to a living room which hold everything you might possibly need. The terrace that runs parallel to the living room can be used for barbecues.  There is outdoor fireplace.

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Lõukapõllu holiday home

Mailase rest house

Holiday Home has central heating; there are 4 bedrooms with a total of 10 beds. On the ground floor, you will find a kitchen that is adjoined to a living room which hold everything you might possibly need. The terrace that runs parallel to the living room can be used for barbecues. A large sauna and its anteroom and separate exit onto the terrace contribute to a perfect sauna experience.

In addition to its wonderful natural surroundings, there are nature trails and orchid habitats, Lümanda café offering traditional farm meals and historical coastal villages near the holiday home.


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Tolli holiday home in Vilsandi island


Vilsandi, the westernmost of Estonian islands, is a haven of pristine nature and peace and quiet. There are few people about, but the birds are abundant. The island has been a nature reserve for decades.

Free yourself from the burden of modern civilisation and experience the rural bliss in the midst of the silent vastness of the Baltic Sea!