jalgratta rent

Bike rent

Day – 8 €

Child bike seat– 2 €

info: [email protected], mob: +372 5664 7711



Classic massage in the cottage


60 min/ 20€



Seatrip to Abruka Island, seal safari, diving, sailing.

Possible to arrange different sea trips, Pringeldivers.

intro sukeldumine/ diving    35€

Ülipõnev reis Abrukale 10-11 inimest/ Sea trip   150€

Riding a horse


60 min 20€ -Horse back riding.

info: +372 5838 5025

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 Sea trip


Mereline puhkus


Sailing (location Roopa port).


15 euros per hour.


Guided excursion of Saare Tõrv OÜ about tar production.

Wood tar and flaxseed oil have been already produced for centuries and OÜ Saare Tõrv continues this old tradition.

We use the pines grown in Saaremaa for tar production, as these are most rich in tar.

In more detail we use only pine stumps which have been stayed on ground for twenty-thirty years after taking the tree down.

The stumps are rooted out, broken into small logs and the logs are patched to the tar kiln.

The trees are heated in tar kiln for 12 hours at the temperature 500-600C°.

In the course of heating the trees sweat out the resin which is actually the wood tar.

The tar spreads along the special tube to the collection vessel.

foto 4

Thereafter the tar is purified and packed or the repeated distillation is carried out.

Price upon agreement.

Guided excursion about lime production

Lime burning is interesting to observe. Limestone is burned at the height of 3.80 m and width of 1.5 m, in the (“egg-shaped”) lime kiln narrowing from under below and above. To restore the lime kilns the preserved knowledge of the “secrets” of 50-year old kilns was used.

Price upon agreement.

Guided excursion on the Leedri Village