Vilsandi, the westernmost of Estonian islands, is a haven of pristine nature and peace and quiet. There are few people about, but the birds are abundant. The island has been a nature reserve for decades. Free yourself from the burden of modern civilisation and experience the rural bliss in the midst of the silent vastness of the Baltic Sea!

  • 6 bedrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor
  • 16 bed slaces (4 double beds, 8 single beds, 4 extra sleeping places)
  • 1 bathrooms, 2 toilets
  • 3 fireplaces
  • kitchen (electric cookers, dish washer, coffee machine, etc.)
  • dining room
  • common room with a TV
  • garden/park surrounded by a big stone wall
  • sauna
  • outbuilding with a possibility for grilling
  • bicycles rent
  • bed linen, towels, washing machine

The island of Vilsandi is situated in Estonian Western Archipelago and it is the westernmost inhabited island of Estonia. To get there, one must first travel to the island of Saaremaa, the largest of the Estonian islands. From there, a short boatride of about 10 kilometres, and there it lies in the midst of the Baltic Sea. Vilsandi is a small island, about 6 km long and 3 km wide, with an area of 9 square km. It is also possible to approach the island on foot as the sea is not so very deep in places.

The Tolli Tourism Farm is located near the Vilsandi harbour, in the middle of wide fallow lands. Coming from the sea, the big yellow main house can be seen afar.

The Tolli homestead is the oldest settlement on the island of Vilsandi. In 1703, a ship ran upon the rocks near the Vilsandi and hence captain Johann Doll together with his wife stayed on the island. They were hired as the overseers of the hayfields of the Lümanda Manor. In 1752, Czarina Yelizaveta freed a widow Berta Doll from the serfdom and from that moment, the Dolls were a free Estonian family.

In 1809, there were 4 homesteads and 9 fishermen’s lodges on the island. In 1939, there are 32 homesteads and 170 inhabitants. Most of them escaped to Sweden during the great war in 1944. The current proprietors of the Tolli tourism farm live also in Sweden.

The local life has always been tied to the sea and seafaring. Many local men have become captains. The men of the Tolli homestead were always shipwrights and captains. This history can be seen on the pictures on the walls of the main house.


  • Adults: 16
  • Size: 0m²
  • Bed Type: 4 double beds, 8 single beds, 4 extra beds


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