Tar production

If you are interested how the tool is made which helps against moistening, mould, dry rot and improves health, then “tar excursion” is meant just for you.

The excursion has been meant for the big and small groups and lasts for about 60 minutes.

Wood tar and flaxseed oil have been produced already for centuries and OÜ Saare Tõrv continues this old tradition. The tar burning is carried out today in the historical way, only the type of kiln has changed. The pines grown in Saaremaa are used for tar production as these are most tar-rich. In more detail only pine stumps are used which have been on ground for twenty-thirty years after taking the tree down.

The stumps are rooted out, broken into small logs and the logs are patched to the tar kiln. The trees are heated in the tar kiln for 12 hours at 500-600C°. In the course of heating the trees “sweat out” the resin which is actually the wood tar. The tar spreads along the special tube to the collection vessel. Thereafter the tar is purified and packed or the repeated distillation is carried out.

Come and see the centuries-long production in Mõisaküla village of Lümanda rural municipality.

The guide fee of 2 euros per person is added to the visitors of our rest house.

Without accommodation, 3 euros per person for excursion, guide fee is added.

Contact us and let’s agree the time for excursion.