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Pakkumine kehtib ajavahemikul: 14.02.17 - 31.10.19

Villa Mia

Villa Mia

Western Saaremaa Karala village located in a restored log house. Right next to the sea you are welcomed by our two-storied comfort home where there is a  sauna and pond. The holiday home is suitable for up to four families, or 11-membered group.

Description of the package

  • On the first floor you will find spacious kitchen-living room (with fireplace);
  • On the second floor there are 4  private bedrooms  (11 x twin beds)
  • bed linen, towels;
  • bathroom, sauna;
  • TV;
  • Wifi;

Villa Mia  is located 48 km from Kuressaare, on the lands of Mardi talu farm in Karala village, Lääne- Saaremaa.

The whole two-storey house is the holiday home. On the second floor there are 4 bedrooms.

On the first floor there is sauna and an open kitchen-living room with everything that is needed for a nice holiday:  coffee machine, stove, fridge, TV set, etc. Adjacent to the living room there is a spacious terrace. The terrace has a table and upholstered chairs for comfortable relaxation or romantic dinner at sunset.

The living room has a fireplace-furnace, the warmth of which fills everybody with the sense of satisfaction.

Children are also not forgotten.  There is a children’s play area in the yard with sandbox, trampoline, swings and climbing facilities.



Villa Mia

1 day 200 €
2 days 380 €
3 days 520 €
4 days 660 €
5 days 800 €
6-7 days 930 €

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Villa Mia