Local culture

We are located in West Saaremaa – a place with truly rich and untouched nature. The population density here is very low – in whole Saaremaa it is 13,8 person per km2 , in West Saaremaa it is substantially less. We are situated in Saaremaa west coast and to the only city Kuressaare on the island is 40 km away.

IMG_1769_1Our farm houses and juniperous pastures are surrounded with long sinuous stone fences. Those fences can be considered one of the best known features of Saaremaa. Local families breed sheep and cattle, also organic farming, handicraft is very common. Fishing has always played an important role here being a significant source of food.

During summer time we have many dining places which offer local traditional dishes and culture. All over Saaremaa there are many different events. It is possible to go on the sea with a boat, visit small islets and enjoy picturesque views, go camping to truly pure nature, visit many exciting places that are worth seeing.

During winter time the area is almost like resting, it is particularly quiet. Still there are many things to do: go camping, photographing, and fishing, on excursions. Here you can enjoy all the seasons – golden yellow autumn, white and crispy winter and lively spring.

kih kirikIn the historical Kihelkonna borough which during the medieval times was one of the most important centers in Saaremaa is also a home for one of the oldest churches in Estonia – Kihelkonna church built in the 1270’s. 200m to Northwest from the church is one of the uniquest belfries not only in Estonia but also in Europe. In Europe there are only 3 this kind of belfries remained thus the only one still sounding is in Kihelkonna. See more here 

The historical Saaremaa farming can be seen in Mihkli farm museum (see more here ). There you can enter to a genuine Saaremaa farm, see objects which in most part are handmade by the habitants of the farm during 6 generations.

We have a unique lime theme park established on 2013 on the historical lime kiln territory where those interested can partake of the lime making tradition. During the high season it is possible to observe lime and tar burning, participate in workshops, walk on adventure trail and have a nice picnic. See more about lime here 

In our area tar is produced daily – it is most known popular wood preservative used for tarring boats, houses, ropes and roofs. Tar burning is an ancient wisdom and art and it is possible to observe it here with a prearranged agreement with the guide.

In our area delicious and unique juniper syrup is handmade. You can see junipers in Saaremaa everywhere. JUNIPER (Juniperus communis)- a bush tree that is an ancient magic and fairytale plant, according to Germanic folk vitality and health provider. It is said that a juniper branch attached to a hat protects a traveller; his weariness is wiped in a minute once he rests under a juniper. You have an opportunity to taste juniper syrup and participate in an excursion it the marvellous Leedri village.