Leisure activities

Our holiday houses are located in places where there is plenty to discover either on foot or by car. If you want to, you can also use a boat or a bike to browse the neighbourhood.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It is possible to walk from Käkisilma to the island of Vilsandi using the hiking trail in the shallow coastal water. There are also canoe trips from Käkisilma to Vilsandi.

Bloodless hunt in the nature. It is easy to come across a roe deer, fox or badger near Päikese, Rootsima, Ninavärava and Lehtla holiday houses (one can even spot them from the window). Rooting done by wild boars is a common nuisance in our neighbourhood every spring. These areas are a dream come true for a nature photographer.

 Exciting bird hunt in the coastal areas. The local hunters’ society knows the best hunting grounds in West-Estonia.

There are several fishing spots in the area. Also, two little harbours – Atla and Karala – have just been built in the neighbourhood. We will gladly let you know about the other places on the coast where you can take a boat on the water. The coastal wetlands are an ideal place for using spinning reels to fish.

The best skiing tracks are located in our neighbouring parish – Karujärve. There are annual ski marathons in the winter and bike marathons in the summer.kalapüük

Good surf spots can be found in Pidula village (Tagalaht – for good north wind) and in Harilaid (3 surf spots). Learn more here.

 Veere harbour and Suuriku cliff are perfect diving locations. In the spring, diving clubs also offer the possibility of going diving with seals. In Vilsandi National Park, you can monitor grey seals both on and under the water.

 Our collaborating partner Pringeldivers knows everything about diving and boat trips to Abruka, Ruhnu and Latvia.