Gift card

Ideal gift idea for the close person or co-employee.
Endless discussions about the purchase of gift are always the main topic before the festive day. Surprise your close person or co-employee with the nice accommodation experience in Saaremaa.
Choose the relevant sum and text required on the gift card and we mail the gift card already on the same date.

Send your request to [email protected] for ordering the gift card or call +372 53 071 664.

The rules for gift card :

  • The gift card is valid only for the accommodation and services offered on our website. Without accommodation, full prices are valid for the services.
  • If the specific accommodation or service has been indicated on the gift card, the client has the right to use only the accommodation or service indicated on the gift card. Accommodation or service on the gift card cannot be replaced.
  • Accommodation indicated on the gift card can be used in case of existence of available times and places.
  • Gift card cannot be replaced with cash.
  • If the purchase amount is lower than the nominal value of the card, the remaining sum will not be returned.
  • The damaged or lost gift card cannot be replaced with new card or cash.
  • The damaged gift card does not enable to use the services provided the number of gift card could not be established.
  • The gift card with the sum of money is valid for 1 year from the date of sales. The card having exceeded the validity period could not be used in settlements, the card will be cancelled.
  • has the right to control the authentication of the presented gift card and confiscate the forged gift card.